Tuesday, January 31, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 3:25 pm

After lunch today, my father, mother, sister and I, went over to my grandmother’s (mum’s mother) place for the customary Chinese New Year visit. If I am not mistaken, it is known as “pai nin” in Cantonese – someone please correct this banana if she is wrong. Her place is just a few blocks away from where I live, also in Sri Petaling, hence it was only a 5 minute drive away.

Upon arriving, three of my aunts (Frog, Skinny and Sin) who were there as well, greeted us with all sorts of greetings and funny noises. They are a bunch of jokers, especially Frog and Skinny. The moment my sister and I stepped into the house, Skinny demanded red packets from us – she does the same thing every year without fail. As she is not married, she does not have to give us red packets so I suppose she decided to demand for it instead.

I then walked over to my grandmother to extend my wishes and give her a red packet She looked at me with a really puzzled expression and asked who I am. I told her, “Amie!” and then she smiled (for a moment there, I swear I thought she had lost her mind). She said that I have changed a lot and she could no longer recognise me – that I am more beautiful and fairer now. Alright, I guess I can accept that. At least she remembered me when I told her my name.

As I was sitting on the couch with my sister, my grandmother came over and repeatedly claimed that I had lost weight. It is not possible because my weight did not change since years ago – I never gained or lost any weight. She then said that I am really beautiful again and Frog seconded her opinion, saying that I have always been beautiful. Then they both sat down and admired me for a while, leaving me to feel really awkward and big headed.

Skinny then asked when I am going to spend them for complimenting me. I told her that compliments should come sincerely without expectations. That lady is always trying to get something for nothing – setting a bad example to all the children around. My grandmother kept looking at me and after a while, she said that she liked to look at me because I am so beautiful. I told her I would give her a picture of me so she can look at it all the time. Am I good or what!

I helped myself to all the goodies while collecting red packets. Life could not get any better than that. Frog then asked if I had a boyfriend already and I exclaimed, “Of course!” She then said, “Yeah lar… So pretty sure got.” What kind of theory is that? I guess even in this modern world, people are still stereotyping. Anyway, she and my grandmother asked me to bring him over so they could have a look. In short, they want to judge him. *tsk*

We chatted a while (along with a few more compliments from my grandmother and Frog) before leaving the house. Hence I have made a conclusion after this Chinese New Year’s reunions from both my dad and mum’s sides (drum roll): I am becoming more and more beautiful as time goes by. Now, please do not be jealous as jealousy gets you nowhere.
Monday, January 30, 2006
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Muar was not quite as bad as I thought it would be.

Together with my mother and sister, we travelled back with my aunt and her husband on the eve of Chinese New Year. We usually travel back with my father but he had already migrated there since early last week to take care of my grandmother.

I only have two words to describe Muar this year: SUPER HOT. The heat was simply unbearable. Aside from that, everything else was pretty much like the previous years.

My aunt said she would pick us up at 3pm but we all doubted that possibility. The earliest possible time that we estimated her arrival was 4pm, as she was never known to be a very punctual person. She defied our expectations by turning up at 5pm. I suppose I do not have to say much for everyone to understand how good she is at being punctual.

It took us about 3 hours to arrive in Muar due to the congested traffic in Seremban - it is a damned town (always jammed and property prices there never rise).

Before that day, I was told that my aunt's husband does not turn on the air condition in his car no matter how hot the weather was outside. Reason being he was trying to save up on gas as air condition is really petrol consuming. Just for the record, he is a rich man. Hence I was dreading the journey to Muar, picturing myself sweating profusely. Nevertheless, it turned out to be one of my luckiest days because he turned on the air condition throughout the journey.

I met all my (grand)uncles, (grand)aunts, (grand)cousins and any other relations - blood and non-blood related, during our yearly reunion dinner. It was held in the hotel we stayed at every year – Classic Hotel. The name may not appeal to many but the place is actually rather pleasing to my standards (when I compliment something, just take my word for it because I hardly ever do). We had the usual 7 course dinner and I must say, the food was not as good this year. Since I was hungry, I had more than my fair share anyway.

The duration of my stay there was more of an interrogation session for me. Not me interrogating, but my (grand)uncles, (grand)aunts and (grand)cousins interrogating me. Majority of the questions posed to me this year were like why I did not bring my boyfriend along and when I am going to tie the knot. I figured that it is a precedent to ask similar questions at different stages of one's life.

Here is a suggested checklist for the questions to ask, in case any (grand)uncles, (grand)aunts and (grand)cousins need a list to tick off for this yearly affair:
  • PMR and SPM [They will probe non-stop about whether you are prepared and for your results, if you have already sat for it.]
  • Courses you are taking and in college or university [They will probe non-stop about your courses as if they want to register themselves.]

  • Job and company [They will probe non-stop about everything that involves your job, including your salary.]

  • Tying the knot [When they are fully satisfied with all your answers to their queries on your job, they will venture into this subject.]

  • Having children [This will be the next in line after you have gotten married and it will go on even until you have menopaused.]

Chinese New Year 2006 special: Cosmetics I use

My (grand)aunts and (grand)cousins were jumping on me at this question, claiming I have lovely complexion. I wanted to tell them that having a nice complexion is either something you have or you do not. You cannot use cosmetics to change that. Instead, I just said, “Biotherm.”

It does not end there. Everything would then be repeated in a similar order as above, but they will be posed to your children (the questions would either be posed to you or your children, but likelier to your children).

In fact, you yourself would have graduated to become a / an (grand)uncle, (grand)aunt or (grand)cousin by then hence your frustrated nephews or nieces will be your victims. They would then return to their own homes, blogging about it just like what I am doing now and someday, they would be blogged about in return... It is a neverending vicious cycle.
Saturday, January 28, 2006
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And it is off to Muar (dad's hometown) with me. Another year of that 3 day torture... I cannot wait till Monday - the day I return to civilisation.

Anyway, the sole purpose of this entry is to wish everyone out there Happy Chinese New Year.

Hope makes all things work, love makes all things beautiful and faith makes all things possible. May you have all three. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

See you next year!
Thursday, January 26, 2006
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For those who take the LRT (Putra Line) at Masjid Jamek, you would have noticed a middle aged Malay man on a wheelchair selling a variety of potato chips. He is often there in the evenings as I would see him every now and then. His voice could be heard from the exit of the Putra Station itself, right before the escalator that leads upward to the road. He shouts very loudly, "Kerepek! Kerepek! Kerepek!..."

I believe he does that for a living - sell potato chips. In fact, I have only noticed him of the late, possibly half a year back... Not too sure if he was around before that. Anyway, I always had the intention of helping him out because I respect people like that. He is disabled but he takes the initiative to do something for a living and not just sit around begging for money.

Thing is, everytime I passed by and he was around, I never had small change... But I did one fine day (some 3 months back)! So I happily walked by him just to see what he was really selling and how much it costs. I never did know before so I only assumed he was selling potato chips as he always shouts "Kerepek!" He has a variety of potato chips and each packet costs 1 ringgit.

I took the 1 ringgit, smiled, bent a little and passed it to him. He asked me which one I wanted and pointed to a medium sized basket attached to his wheelchair. He spoke to me so politely and looked at me so amiably that my heart felt so warm... I wanted to tell him to keep the money but I have trouble conversing in Bahasa Melayu. I looked into the basket for a few quiet seconds, waiting for the words to come out of my mouth but none did. So instead, I randomly picked a pack of potato chips.

After that, I could not stop smiling and my heart never stopped glowing... Ever since then, I have been buying potato chips from him whenever I could. Doing that made me feel so happy and proud of myself (I do not normally feel this good about myself), as if I have won a hundred thousand word essay contest over and over again. I have no idea why... Perhaps because I helped a man in need, one who really deserved it.
Friday, January 13, 2006
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As I was heading out to lunch with *Jason and *Charlene, this guy (hereinafter known as Smart Alec) came by and asked if he could join us. I have met him once at a company sponsored event and I did not like him one bit. He is what is known as a management trainee so typically, he will be transferred to every department in the bank for short periods of time (normally 2 to 3 weeks) to understand the processes in each one. If I am not mistaken, he will only be in my department for a week – maybe the management knew he is not welcomed here.

Now, back to my proclaimed detest for him. I think he talks too much for his own good, he boasts more than his experience can support him and he thinks he is smarter than the smartest being in the world. In short, he is a smart alec. I hate smart alecs. They should be shot dead over and over and over again until they are truly certified dead.

So the four of us walked down and waited for Ivan to arrive (he was joining me for lunch today). Smart Alec and I had one of the most annoying conversations ever.

Smart Alec: So where is Ivan coming from?
Me: (Names Ivan’s workplace).
Smart Alec: Oh, all the way.
Me: It is just a few train stations away.


Smart Alec: So which department is he in?
Me: Mortgage but he is transferring soon.
Smart Alec: Oh… Marketing.
No. Mortgage.
Smart Alec: Yeah that is marketing right?
Me: NO. It is mortgage.
Smart Alec:
So what does he do?
Me: Well, SELL housing loans??? You know... Mortgages?
Smart Alec:
Yeah that is marketing.
Me: (Too pissed off to be true) No it isn’t. Marketing is a department on its own.
Smart Alec: Well I won’t know. You said mortgage, he can be a credit officer, etc.
Me: NO. Marketing is a department. Credit too, is a department and so is mortgage.
Smart Alec: Be specific then.
Me: I did, I said mortgage.

Good thing Ivan turned up before he could open his annoying gap to infuriate me further. I wonder, had the two months he spent thus far in the bank not taught him things basic enough so as not to have this annoying discussion with me?

Anyhow, after I had introduced Ivan to Smart Alec, we decided to have “hor fun”. At the main road, Jason and Smart Alec managed to cross before Charlene, Ivan and I did - they pulled off some pretty heart awakening jay walking stunt. Hence they stopped across the road to wait for us. Jason said that he did not know the direction to the shop and Smart Alec added, “Yeah lar… Why you walk so slow wan?” I ignored that.

As we walked along, Jason and Smart Alec were in front of us again. Either they walked really fast or we walked really slowly. So they stopped walking after a while and when we caught up, Smart Alec shot another comment, “There is a big road for you to walk, why don’t you walk faster?” He actually said that in Cantonese hence I was not too sure of the exact translation but I know it is not something good. I ignored that as well.

During lunch, the guys were discussing about mortgages – querying Ivan on their various concerns. Too deep and boring for Charlene and I hence we did not participate. Smart Alec made so many untrue, annoying and well, smart alec statements. Jason was actively asking Ivan questions and Smart Alec was trying to answer them without realising that he was making a fool out of himself. Some people are so sad.

He made various statements that caused my pulse to explode a few times and there was this particular statement that I would remember for life. “When I was in USA for 7 years, I totally stayed off oily food.” Actually it was not about staying off oily food, I could not remember what he said exactly as I was concentrating on the first half of the sentence because it had already pissed me off. Why did he need to emphasise that he was in USA for 7 years? He could just very well mention that he was in USA – he did not need to state the duration. Plain boastful.

Ivan asked why I invited him along for lunch and I told him I would never do such a stupid thing. I think I better stop talking about this and quit complaining about him or I will develop high blood pressure just by having these flashbacks. Hopefully he completes his transfer here as soon as possible so he can get out of my face for good - after all, it is Friday the 13th.

* Names modified for confidentiality
Friday, January 06, 2006
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I turn 24 today. Looks like my life is getting shorter and shorter and shorter by the day.

To celebrate my shortened life, Ivan brought me to Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel for dinner. I have been there once for a business lunch but the environment was not as beautiful as during dinner. Overall, the restaurant had a very romantic ambience with the downlights and soft music. The best part about Lemon Garden, though, is the food.

There were appetizers of all ranges – I cannot describe them as I did not pay too much attention to them. Appetizers do not appeal to me. My favourite was the Chinese cuisine section where they had assorted “tim sum”, cod fish, tiger prawns, various fried stuff and a whole lot of other Chinese delicacies. As for the Italian cuisine section, they served pizzas, penne and a few other varieties that were unknown to me. Then there was the Malaysian cuisine section where amongst the more significant dishes were crabs, prawns and salmon. Also, not forgetting the Japanese cuisine section for Sushi lovers, there were various types of Sushi, oysters and all sorts of fresh seafood. The dessert table was lovely as well, with a vast variety of cakes and jellies, and of course, the famous chocolate fountain.

I had an oyster for starters and it tasted awful. I should have been forewarned by the smell it produced although I had expected it to be fresh. Hence I greedily put the whole thing into my mouth and started munching. Ivan nearly fainted when I opened my mouth to tell him about my experience with the oyster (he is Mr Anti Seafood – he does not like the smell of seafood hence he does not take them). That was my last oyster for the day and for a long time to come. I then started on some salmon and this very old, gigantic asparagus before drinking my corn soup. The asparagus was too old for my liking hence after one bite, I passed it onto Ivan and proceeded with my salmon (which had some sweet sauce on it – delightful).

My second serving was “tim sum”, cod fish and tiger prawns. They all tasted lovely although it was rather challenging trying to get the shell out from the prawns with my oversized fork and spoon. I can normally do it very well with the regular sized ones but not with the bigger ones as they do not fit in my hands very well. After seeing me struggle, Ivan took the prawns from me and peeled them with his bare hands (and he did not only do it because it is my birthday, he has always been a sweetheart). I shared my “tim sum” with Ivan, cut everything into half and passed it to him, just so he could see what was nice and could get it for his second serving.

While Ivan had his second serving, I had my third. He got some chicken and a variety of Malaysian delicacies that he cut and put into my mouth. All I did was chew, chew, chew and swallowed while looking around the place – and giving Ivan tons of kisses for being so sweet. We were laughing at the guy who sat in the table beside us because he was really overdoing it on the oysters. He had serving after serving after serving and they were all oysters – we only noticed it because of the overwhelming aroma. Then, we overheard his wife telling him, “Why you eat so much one??? Everybody talking about you already lar!”

My fourth serving was the salmon pizza and tuna penne from the Italian cuisine section. The salmon on the pizza was a little too salty for my liking hence I removed the salmon and took the pizza alone. Ivan called me weird – maybe I was. Actually, I did not pick the tuna penne because I dislike those sort of things, but Ivan told me to try some as it might not be so bad after all. Boy was he right or what! I took only one so I went back for more, along with some vegetarian pizza. The pizza looked funny with some dark green stuff on top – after tasting it, I realised it was actually some kind of vegetable that the Chinese use to boil soup. Ivan could not stand the smell of that because he claimed it smelt like seafood. I loved it.

For my fifth serving, I got a little bit of everything – so did Ivan, and it was only his fourth. I chose the nicest food from each section and my plate was flooded by the time I was done. When I walked back to the table, all the gravy had mixed around (this is called creativity). After I was done with my plate, I moved onto Ivan’s and helped myself with his “tim sum”. If any of you ever go to Lemon Garden, take the yellow type, not the green type – chances are you will not know what I mean unless you have been there. Just take note though because Ivan and I agreed that somehow the yellow type tasted better than the green type.

After I was done with Ivan's plate, I was on the verge of exploding hence I headed to the ladies to empty my bladder. Upon returning, Ivan and I proceeded to get some dessert. It was a waste that I did not discover the availability of my favourite snow mountain earlier, where I can choose my own ingredients – jelly, sweet corn, red beans, atapchi, cendol, etc. Snow mountains are my favourite in every buffet and I would always take a minimum of three servings. Since I only discovered it at the point that I was on the verge of exploding, my stomach could only fit one serving (such a waste).

Ivan then proceeded to the mens to empty his bladder and bowels. He took quite some time so I sat on my own, enjoying all the dessert in front of me. When he came back, he finished the balance and we headed towards the chocolate fountain for some chocolate filled action. I dipped heaps of strawberries while he dipped marshmallows, wafers and biscuits. We returned to the chocolate fountain a few more times before sitting like two really obese and lazy people back at our table. I felt like I was eleven months pregnant and Ivan too, felt awful. After hibernating (it was really comfortable to do so as we were seated at the sofa) for close to twenty minutes, we went to get some fruits. It could hardly fit into my stomach anymore so we took very little and managed to stuff it in.

After that, we sat at our table for a little while – chatting and playing around, before paying and leaving the place. When I stood up, it felt like the baby in my stomach (not my womb) was pushing and forcing its way out. I have to admit though, it was a really great dinner and I would say it is a great place to bring your girlfriend / fiancée / wife on her birthday or any other special occasions She will really enjoy the food (and so will you) – especially the chocolate fountain!
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
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I went to KL city on Christmas Eve with Ivan, Brian and Vandy. We joined the buffet lunch in Federal Hotel and very surprisingly, it was pretty good. They had a vast variety of appetisers, main dishes and desserts. As always, I helped myself to no end with the desserts and they were what filled me the most. The grilled lamb was pretty good as well because normally, I do not take lamb but I did that day. We sat there and tried to make full use of the four hours that we were given as much as possible. Unfortunately, we only managed to throw food into our stomachs for approximately two hours.

We then headed to Times Square to do a little shopping before our movie started. Ivan went to the washroom to fulfil his obliging duty following the voluminous consumption at the buffet while the three of us went shopping. I, of course, headed to none other than G2000 while Brian and Vandy headed elsewhere together. When Ivan was done, he came looking for me and found that I had picked some clothing. He then said he would buy it for me as a Christmas present but I refused. Instead, I picked a tie for him and said that it would be his Christmas present. We fought to pay at the counter and I won the war with a little bit of force – I snatched his wallet away and kept it with me until we walked out of the shop.

Then we took the escalator all the way up to the Digi IMAX cinema to catch King Kong, where we met Brain and Vandy once again. The screen was surprisingly huge but the seats were really uncomfortable – my butt started aching after only thirty minutes. Thereafter, I had to lean on the seat handle (or Ivan, whichever was more convenient) so that I would only be on one side of my butt at a time. This is to minimise the numbness that I felt for the three dreaded hours. The show was pretty good though, and I thought it was pretty filmed although I had not actually seen the previous versions of King Kong.

After suffering from the “numb butt syndrome” for three hours, we walked out of Times Square and decided to cross over to Bintang Walk to have something to eat. It was more than just crowded over there hence we were fortunate to have
found a table in Starbucks. Everyone was spraying the white foam thingy from a can (not sure what it is called though I am pretty certain there is a name for it) that looked like more like hair mousse. You see, it was intended to look like snow. I shall refer to it as hair mousse as no one around me at this moment can enlighten me with the product’s real name. Anyway, people were spraying the hair mousse at each other so screams were plentiful all along Bintang Walk.

After our snack at Starbucks, we walked towards the main road (which I believe is Jalan Bukit Bintang) and found that there was a “Christmas Eve Road Block” in progress. The road block was not conducted or supervised by cops, but by people with cans and cans and cans of hair mousse. Hence the three lane road bottlenecked into a single lane and every vehicle that went through the lane came out looking like a snowcar – fully covered with hair mousse and all wipers lifted. As for the motorcycles that passed by, their fates were much worse that the cars'. At first it was a good laugh but after watching a few, I thought it was a pretty cruel thing to do.

As we walked further down the road, a little boy tested Vandy’s patience by spraying the hair mousse on her. She expressed her dissatisfaction and Brain sounded him for simply spraying onto anyone that passed by. The little boy did not listen and instead, sprayed the hair mousse on Brian. That pissed Brian off so badly that he bought a few cans to give the boy a taste of his own medicine. As he was doing just that, the boy’s father came over and sprayed the hair mousse all over Brian’s face (which could cause him to go blind as they were chemicals). Ivan then went over and sounded the man, telling him the dangers of doing so, leaving the man dumb founded. Some people can be so uneducated.

After that incident, we left Bintang Walk and headed home. I then swore never to go out ever again on Christmas Eve because it no longer brings a pleasant, memorable experience.

New Year’s Eve? I stayed on home and counted down to the new year on my cosy bed with my sister.
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
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Add URL-Free.com

Monday, January 02, 2006
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Since I have made this site publicly available, I shall give myself a proper introduction.

Now where should I begin...? I am currently in my early 20s (no point disclosing how early because it increases every year at a rapid pace), so I am nothing less than a sweet young thing. If you are observant enough, you would have noticed that my age is published in my profile. *smiles* I have less than 2 years of working experience though I think I have actually been to the working world’s definition of “hell”. I will tell you about that some other time.

I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur [KL], but went to school in Petaling Jaya [PJ]. One way or another, I knew my way around PJ better than KL - I am a lost soul in KL. Ever since I started working in KL though, I got to know my way around better hence I am now a half lost soul. *grins* I hold this valid document known as a driving license for close to 7 years now but I have actually driven less than an accumulated total of 30 times (do I get an award for that?). I prefer to be chauffeured around or just hopping onto some form of public transport.

No idea how I should describe myself (character wise), actually. Maybe I should leave that to people who know me. Anyhow, I guess these are a few words that could describe me: cynical, sarcastic, sceptical, mocker, sardonic, mordant. I know I do not sound like a good person… So maybe you can choose to view me as witty, quick minded and sharp. Well, to every downside, there is always an upside. Hence, I would have to add that I am very sweet and cute, not to mention overly adorable. And irresistible! Now I do not sound all that bad anymore, do I?

Eating and sleeping are my ultimate favourite things to do. I savour crackers, chocolates, chips, chicken rice, cakes (I know they all happen to start with a “C” but no fear, the list goes on), desserts, mooncakes, seafood, vegetable… Truth is, I find it very hard to list the things I crave because they come in various categories that come in various types that come in various assortments (well, you get the drift).

The restaurant I love to visit on my outings durings the weekends: Penang Village, Swensens, Dave’s Deli, Waffle World, Secret Recipe, Madam Kwan’s, Kim Gary, Pizza Hut and occasionally joints such as Nando’s ad Kenny Rogers. Chinese hawker foods are reserved for lunch on weekdays while good old home cooked meals are for dinner on weekdays. Also, there is the occasional Pringles, Oreos and Bread Story for pre-lunch, tea break, pre-dinner and supper. Basically I process everything except red meat and pork (no, I am not an Islam!).

Besides eating, sleeping is one of the greatest blessings ever. When I wake up to go to work every morning, I think of when I can have my beautiful slumber once again. It is relaxing, enjoying and best of all, stress free! Even eating can be stressful sometimes because you worry about putting on weight, looking like a bloated out of shape pear in that new dress you just bought or dying a few years earlier because of your unhealthy consumption. Whoever said it was easy being alive?

Besides eating and sleeping, I enjoy shopping and catching movies at the cinema. Mid Valley and 1U are the 2 malls that I frequent, with the occasional KLCC during the weekdays (as it is near my office). I do not wish to disclose how much I spend on shopping a month nor the amount I can spend in a single hour. Note that I used the words “can spend” and not “spent”… I try to catch a movie at the cinema every weekend. Some asked whether there really are that many movies to watch and the answer, obviously, is yes! In fact, sometimes I miss out on certain movies because there are too many screening simultaneously.

I simply adore a gadget called the camera... I can go on clicking for hours without getting bored. There has to be something to take, of course (a portion of my vast collection may be viewed via my photoblog), not just blank space. I am so thankful to the person who invented digital cameras... Imagine if I had to use the conventional analogue camera! I would spend millions on film strips and developing images. With a digital camera I can click to my heart's content (at the same time give my finger some exercise) without performing any mental calculation on how much each click costs me.

Teddy bears are one of my most prized possessions and I am proud to say that I own more than a hundred of them in total. Do not ask me how I store them all in my room... I just do. Accept that. Apart from teddy bears, there are also stacks of Cleo magazines which I devotedly purchased every month. Then there are also the layers of dust here and there... Do not try to imagine what my room looks like because you will never succeed.

I am not athletic nor sporty, instead I am clumsy and careless. Most of the time, I am a quiet person... I keep silent to observe others rather than make noise and be observed. Therefore, I am more of an observer as I do not like to be an observee because it makes me feel like a caged up lab rat under watchful eyes. Just for the record, I am not a smoker or drinker of any sort (addict or social in nature), so never ask me to go for a smoke or clubbing. The answer is N-O. If you ask again, it would still be a N-O. No matter how many times you ask, the answer will always be a N-O.

Oh, did I mention... Shopping is my absolute favourite pastime (after sleeping and eating, of course). My favourite brand is G2000 and more than 99.9% of my wardrobe consists of it. Unfortunately, the female species in my office seem to fancy G2000 too so clashes often occur, from skirts to tops to blouses to pants to blazers, you name it. G2000 offers a small range of handbags that I find a little too gigantic for my liking. Too bad they do not retail shoes and sandals. I am picky when it comes to shoes as comfort and quality are important. My feet look like Shrek’s (you know, the green ogre), due to all the pressure caused by my court shoes and sandals. My feet used to be just like Cinderella’s… But that was a long, long, long time ago.

I am not the kind of girl that fancies facial products, hair products, skin products and such. However, I do not keep off all of these products entirely. My use of facial products is limited to face wash, lip gloss, moisturiser… I do not put on make-up, powder or any of those sorts (with the execption of certain occasions). Shampoo and conditioner are basically the only hair products that have contact with my hair, and I do not blow dry or dye my hair. My hair looks the same from day one until this very day! Oh… But the length changes every now and then. Skin products? Only body lotion to moisturise my dry, fish-scale like crust.

By now, I suppose that most of you can already picture my appearance. Natural, untreated hair (lack of vitamins obtained from hair care products); plain, colourless face (short of the life that can be produced by facial products); overweight, shapeless body (caused by overdose of food high in fat and carbohydrates, and overdose of snoozing on the furniture called bed), lumpy, hardened feet (due to the pressure inflicted by shoes and sandals I cannot resist putting on), scaly, dry skin (being in air-conditioned premises for more than 18 hours a day), flabby, flobby abdomens (caused by the lack of exercise)… Also, dressed in lovely G2000 attire, with a pretty handbag and sexy shoes.

I suppose you now believe that I am a to-die-for heartthrob even without me having to do any convincing.
Sunday, January 01, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 10:10 pm

Dear All,

Welcome to my blog - Serenity.

I have recently transferred from another site hence some of the entries posted here may be out dated. When I find time, I will transfer all the entries (though not many) in stages from my previous site. I have decided not back date any of the previous entries except those which I posted at my previous site during the month of January 2006.

Thank you for visiting my page and please feel free to drop a line or two.

Kind regards,
Amie Lee