Wednesday, May 24, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 6:06 pm


Life is like a living hell and these words keep playing in my mind "Welcome Back to Reality". Yes, I am back from Bangkok & Pattaya. I am darker than ever and today is probably the lousiest working day of my life. It was so bad that I had to take a half day leave to recuperate further.

I will post the journal entries of my trip up as soon as I am finished with them. Yes, it will be as long and detailed as the one I did for Hong Kong.

Till then!
Monday, May 15, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 2:51 pm

I do not have much to write or say lately. All that I am looking forward to right now is my highly anticipated trip to Bangkok this coming Thursday. I have been yearning for this very trip for ages now (my definition of ages being 3 months) and trust me when I say that I have been yearning for it.

This trip is the probably the only thing that keeps me going these days, especially when I have a lousy boss (who decided that my sole existence is for secretarial purposes, who thinks that I have a degree in "Secretarism", who treats me as nothing more than a secretary, etc. - I could go on all day) put up with and that itself is enough to ruin my whole life.

Come to think of it, this is probably the best moment ever - the anticipation. When you are living the joy, time passes faster than you think and before you know it... THE END. That is when you realise that life is like a living hell and these words keep playing in your mind "Welcome Back to Reality".

Yesterday night, I wrote myself a shopping list (for my shopping therapy in Bangkok, of course). Among the items in my endless list:
  • Triumph undergarments
  • Heaps of accessories (belts, hairclips, jewellery)
  • Shoes, slippers, flip flops
  • Estee Lauder cosmetics
  • Apparel (shirts, pants, skirts)
  • G2000 (this is a must everywhere I go)
  • Souvenirs for everyone
  • Any other items that catches my fancy.

I am not too sure if the items I have listed will be cheaper in Bangkok but I am definitely hoping it is.

For almost 3 months now, I had to celibate (I know it is probably used in the wrong context but you get what I mean) whenever I entered shopping malls. I told myself it was all for the better and that I would thank myself for doing so when I am enjoying myself in Bangkok. This will be especially more true after setting my eyes on all the delicious bargains that would satisfy my desire for shopping (after all the celibacy).

Life is sweet (for now). And I cannot wait for this Thursday!
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 9:44 am

These days, violence and vulgarity seem to reside (probably a permanent resident) in me.

I was never as violent last time, in fact, I still remember the days when I used to think that sticking out the finger would very well get me a permanent address in hell (instead of heaven) on judgment day. At the sight of anyone bearing an international sign, I would close my eyes and apologise to God that I had observed such an atrocious gesture.

Mind you, I am not physically violent to anyone. My violence is only expressed in the most nasty and unsightly form of hand / leg / face gestures – either exclusively or a combination of all three. That’s it.

Neither was I even close to being as vulgar as I am these days. Actually, I don’t think I speak like a lady, I speak more like a guy. The vulgarity in my language can shock many, has shocked many and will continue to shock many. Yet I cannot help it because it really is the only way I release all that anger in me. Otherwise, I’ll end up beating up everyone that pisses me off.

Mind you, I do not go around being vulgar to everyone. I only do that to people I’m close with every once in a while. My definition of once in a while being, well, everyday.

Anyway, I brought this thing (about my growing violence and vulgarity) up because of a particular incident that took place over the weekend. I caught myself showing the international sign and swearing like nobody’s business at my beloved laptop, Gilbert.

Yes my laptop has a name. Do you have a problem with that?

Now let’s not get drifted away.

I was watching The O.C., first season. Those who have seen the series will relate to what I am about to say much better than those who have not (so go get yourself a copy today – no I do not advertise for free, I am getting paid for this).

There is this guy, Oliver, who tries to break Marissa and Ryan up. I cannot believe how stupid Marissa is and how she is dumb enough to trust Oliver. Please trust me when I say that one cannot get any more stupid or dumb.

She didn’t even believe her own boyfriend and instead, chose to stand on a stranger’s side - claiming that Ryan is just being jealous. Let’s get real. Who won't be if their girlfriend spent every evening after school and even the weekends with another guy? What more if that guy is a total stranger that came out of nowhere... Ryan had every reason to be jealous but Marissa should know (of all people) that he is not an unreasonable guy.

Oliver really is creepy as he does behave strangely. Hence I have to say it again – Marissa is so fucking dumb. Ryan would be much better off without her or with a smarter girl. Anyway, I was so frustrated and annoyed at her (that I feel like smashing Gilbert into a million pieces just because Marissa's face appeared on it) that every time she came on, I made a face and showed the international sign. When she spoke, I started swearing at her.

It was only after a while that I realised I was displaying such a perplexing act. There I was all alone - lying on my bed with Gilbert and some junk food in front of me, while portraying such vulgarity. What would a person who was watching me (assuming there was but thank goodness there wasn’t) think? Heck, I would be shocked to be bone if I caught my sister doing the very same thing.

Hence I came to the conclusion that my violence and vulgarity is worsening by the day. I do not only display them publicly these days but behind closed doors as well. Maybe it is true that I am a very angry person deep inside.

*gggrrr* *raawrr* *aarghh*
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 1:08 pm

I am so sorry I have to rant about my boss (hereinafter referred to as Lemon, as illustrated below) but I really cannot contain what happened this morning within my small frame. If I do, I am afraid I will burst and explode into zillions of microscopic morsels.

At approximately 11.06am this morning, I was paying full attention to the credit manual in my hands. Then I heard this awfully familiar but dreaded voice, “Can you…” It was the one and only Lemon, of course.

I looked at him and noted that his face was as sour as a lemon and vinegar and well, everything sour. If he could wipe that deep frown off his forehead, he would look a lot more youthful and friendlier. Also, if he could just smile a little, it would really make a difference to my day and what I was about to do for him.

Lemon needed me to walk all the way to the compactor at the far end of the office to fetch him a file of a certain customer. So off I went to the compactor in search of the file he requested.

When I had failed to locate it, I walked all the way back to his place (which was pretty close to mine) to inform him. He then gave me another name which the customer may be known as and off I went again. I felt like an office girl but who am I to say anything, really.

Once again, I had failed to locate the file. I walked back to Lemon’s place to inform him.

I said, “I still couldn’t locate the file.”

Lemon kept quiet for a few seconds, browsing through his mails and reading its contents. Without looking at me, he lifted both his hands up (like how the crooks do it when they are arrested by the cops) and shrugged.

He said, “Don’t ask me. I’m very busy. Don’t disturb me.”


Pardon me, but I believe this is regarding something he asked me to do and I was just informing him of the outcome. Did he expect me to go back to my place and keep quiet about it in the event that I did not manage to locate the file? I am highly suspicious that that was indeed what he expected me to do. Also, he spoke as if I was asking him for something that he was too occupied to attend to when the fact is, I wouldn’t approach him unless I ran out of alternatives.

Oh well... I rest my case. Guess I am cursed to end up with lousy bosses.