Friday, August 18, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 2:08 pm

It is really difficult to find a suitable house. We are only into 2 months of house hunting and I am already on the verge of giving up. I have to admit though, we might be slightly more aggressive than the average house hunters. By now, I think every real estate agent in Bandar Kinrara and Puchong Jaya knows us by heart and regards us as their worst nightmare.

Last weekend, we ventured into Puchong Jaya and discovered this area known as Tempua. The houses there are just too good for words. They were exactly how we want our home to be, i.e. our ideal home – full cube, spacious, modern design and every other quality that we can call “quality”!

As always, such ideal homes are highly sought after by the public. Hence once a unit is put out for sale, it will sell out like hot cake. On top of that, the residents in that area hardly ever want to sell their houses (if I was them, I would not ever trade my house for the world – I think). With that, we are going to have a really hard time finding a suitable house there as demand definitely exceeds supply.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 12:03 pm

I have not been blogging for quite some time now due to the lack of inspiration. Aside from the fact that there is not much on my mind to share, I have also been pretty darn occupied at work (my boss decided to upgrade me from full time secretary to part time secretary *tsk*). So since the only time I have to ever sit down and put my thoughts into words is at work, I suppose that led to the hiatus.

Lately, I have been spending every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) house hunting in the Bandar Kinrara area. It is really enjoyable meeting up with the many cunning real estate agents, invading people’s homes and furtively duplicating interior designs. I am almost as tanned as chocolate bar by now, after all those hours of baking in the hot afternoon (and evening) sun – either in the car or out in the open.

We have probably met every single agent around and viewed every single house that is going for sale in Bandar Kinrara. From the lovely to the ugly to the clean to the dirty to the well maintained to the haunted house replicas, we have seen it all. The conclusion is that we still have not found the one dwelling that we wanted to be our home for the next 10 years, at the very least. Whoever said house hunting is an easy task!

Since we have explored every millimetre of Bandar Kinrara (we are so familiar with the area now that it seems like we have lived there for centuries), we will be venturing to Puchong Jaya from this weekend on. At least until more Bandar Kinrara residents decide to leave their homes for better ones.