Tuesday, October 31, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 2:19 pm

It felt good to lie on my bed and have my legs up, just staring into space. That is definitely something I need everyday after a long day at work. I was rejuvenating peacefully until my mother excitedly came running into my room. I asked her in a bored tone, “Yes, mother?” Somehow, I knew that even after she relayed the cause of her excitement, I would not even be half as excited as her (that had normally been the case).

Apparently, when I was busy generating income at the office during the day, my mother had been occupying herself by surfing the Internet at home. She stumbled upon this health website that provided tips, advice and free product samples. You have to first sign up for a membership before accessing the above, though. For the record, membership is free.

So she was relating to me about receiving samples from renowned brand names such as Welch's Fruit Snacks, Kleenex, Bounce Fabric Softener, Tylenol, Centrum, Acuvue, Nature Made, Planters Peanuts, Banana Boat Sun Screen, Kraft Dressing, Purell, etc. You will never know how enthusiastic mothers can be when they get excited until you have met mine. She even printed this out on our colour printer:

You can also get various contents relating to food, beverages, vitamins and minerals, sleeping aids and insomnia products, diet and weight management products, pregnancy and women’s health products, vitamin and supplements, dieters counting calories and carbohydrates, and natural and alternative health supplements at that site.

In case I did not mention it earlier, my mother is not exactly 100% computer savvy. Her computer knowledge is limited to the fundamentals for survival should she be placed in a room with nothing but a personal computer for entertainment. Hence she practically coerced me into going online to help her sign up to the website so she would be entitled to the freebies.

So I reluctantly got up from my bed, turned on the notebook, connected to the Internet, keyed in the website address, only to discover one clause enough to shatter my mother’s heart into a few billion pieces: You must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States. Not the first half of the sentence, people! The second half!

I could swear I saw streams of tears falling from my mother’s face. The moral of the story today, boys and girls, is MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY!
Monday, October 30, 2006
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When I came into the office this morning, I noticed a red ladybird (I have to be specific because there are green and yellow ones too) on my keyboard. It was on alphabet L. Was it trying to tell me that it is a [L]adybird, that it is [L]ost, that it is [L]arry, or what?

Whatever it was trying to convey to me, I decided that it did not belong in a high rise office building. Thus I lifted the little guy with my ruler, walked towards the window, opened it slightly, and set the little guy free. I hope all my 15 years of science education did not go to waste… Ladybirds CAN fly, right?

Seeing the little guy reminded me of my childhood, back to when I was about 5 years old. I was out in the garden (which was not renovated and tiled yet) with my mother and that was the first time I was introduced to a ladybird.

She caught it with her hand and asked if I liked it. All red with black polka dots, any child would be fascinated by something like that. She then told me to grab my plastic water bottle and that was where I kept the little guy for the next 2 days until it stopped breathing.

From that day on, I would go to the garden every now and then hoping to capture my next prisoner. As time progressed, I started to put leaves and water in the bottle in hope that the little guys would have longer life spans. The longest a ladybird ever survived in my bottle was 3 days – must be a strong one.

Initially I thought a ladybird’s average life span is approximately 2 to 3 days. After a while, I confided in my mother and discovered that the short life span problem was caused solely by me. It was then that I had decided to stop capturing ladybirds.

I then took in brown beetles – I hated them more than anything. Why keep them as pet then, you ask? I figured that putting bugs into a bottle does not pleasure them, instead it agonises them. Hence I put the beetles into the bottle without plants or water.

When it died, I would transform into a bug surgeon and perform an autopsy its body by dissecting it. I tried capturing dragonflies and mosquitoes too, but they were too fast for me. So I had to settle with beetles for the rest of my childhood.

Some kind of childhood I had there, huh? But look what I turned out to be… A sweet, well mannered, pleasant young lady.
Saturday, October 28, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 11:43 am

I suppose Halloween is more of a Western than an Asian culture hence many of us on this side of the world are not aware of the celebration. It is celebrated most commonly in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico, with increasing popularity in Australia and New Zealand.

Halloween is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going from door to door collecting sweets (or chocolates, I suppose). If we Asians celebrated Halloween, I would never want to grow up. Imagine getting heaps of free sweets (or chocolates)!

If you have not heard,
FrightWorld the Movie World Premiere will be held at Frightworld Haunted Amusement this coming 31 October. This special screening will be followed by a question and answer session with the cast and crew. After which you have the option to tour Frightworld Haunted Amusement and at midnight there will be live music.

I would definitely recommend the movie to horror flick goers as the 30 second sneak preview was more than enough to make me lose a few nights of precious sleep. For the record, I am now an ex-horror flick goer due to a certain movie (erm... The Exorcism of Emily Rose) that caused me to reverse my interest.

Do not get me wrong, I still crave for horror flicks. The only difference is that now I am not able to indulge because if I do, I will be sweating under the sheets all night long praying that whatever I saw in the flick during the day will not come for me.

Anyway, if you are looking for something cool to do this Halloween and live in the Western New York area or are willing to travel there (sorry I did not mention this earlier, I was too engrossed in the whole “scare” thingy), you ought to attend the event. Red Scream Films shot FrightWorld in the Frightworld Haunted Amusement itself.

FrightWorld is actually rated R so you must be 18 and above or accompanied by an adult. On top of that, Frightworld Haunted Amusement is regarded as one of the top 13 scream parks in the United States of America by HauntWorld Magazine.

Hence be prepared for a night of solid scares. Sadly, it is definitely not a place for the weak hearted like myself though I would so love to pay that place a visit. You lucky New Yorkers! Imagine the scares and screams in the place… Awesome!

I shall leave you to your thoughts with a frightening poster of the movie.

Thursday, October 26, 2006
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As our marriage registration is approaching soon, Ivan and I have been searching for a suitable matching wedding band. We have been browsing around the various jewellery retailers in Kuala Lumpur but to no avail. I suppose that the problem must lie in me because I am the picky one while Ivan will go with anything I have decided on.

Our, or rather, my desperation for the perfect wedding band had broadened my search to all sources – including the Internet. I then stumbled upon a site which has a pretty impressive selection of rings and various other jewellery.

They offer engagement rings (which I told Ivan we could do without to get better things for our new home), wedding bands (which is a must for us to get), jewellery dedicated especially for anniversaries (probably when we celebrate our 10th anniversary), diamond rings, etc. The site even offers marriage proposal ideas, honeymoon ideas, proposal mistakes and such.

I doubt Ivan will propose to me (being Mr Plain and Unromantic) so I can only fantasise after browsing through the marriage proposal ideas. If he does though, then PROBABLY he has been reading my blog. *tsk* Well, either way, I still get the ring of my choice!
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
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I was out most of the morning at one of my corporate client’s place. This client is principally a manufacturer and wholesaler of a well-known locally produced garment. I am not able to reveal the name though, due to confidentiality purposes. If you still want to know, you may mail a request to me along with your picture… And if I find you attractive enough, I just might reveal the name to you.

Anyway, we were having a nice chat as the General Manager shared with us the story of how he and his brother flew to Dubai for a 4 day trade show exhibition. They went there in hope of securing a foreign joint venture to expand their business overseas and in increase the company’s imports.

He said that all the booths at the exhibition had wonderful backdrops, decorations, lightings, etc. while theirs were just plain steel racks with plastic hangers and a few garments on display. I definitely had my share of laughter upon hearing that. What made me laugh even harder is the fact that he relayed it with much amusement in his voice and comical expressions.

Then he shared with us this exhibit wholesaler known as Exhibit Deal that he recently got to know of from his contact. They have everything you need for trade show booths, from table throws to literature racks and everything in between. The materials are lightweight, easy to transport and assemble in a snap.

He then claimed that when they attend future trade show exhibits, they will not appear as unprepared.
Monday, October 23, 2006
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Some of you may have came across this ridiculously funny joke. For those who have not, knock yourselves out.

Doraemon and Hello Kitty were out on the streets one day.

When Doraemon saw Hello Kitty, he waved and greeted her, "Hello Kitty!"

Hello Kitty, however, did not greet him in return. Why?

(She could not speak - she did not have a mouth)

Now, she was feeling pretty bad about appearing rude, so she stitched a mouth on herself and went to look for Doraemon.
When she saw him, she greeted him enthusiastically.

Doraemon, however, ignored her. Why?

(He could not hear her - he did not have ears)
Sunday, October 22, 2006
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I have been a chocoholic for most of my life. The first chocolate that I had ever tasted was at the age of 3 (according to my parents) and I loved it so much that I smudged it all over my face (also according to my parents). After which, I was rewarded with chocolates every now and then for good behaviour.

When I was 15, I had one bar of chocolate everyday without fail for 3 months, prior to sitting for a major Government exam. It had a wonderful influence on motivating me to study harder. In other periods of my life, I probably take chocolate every once a week or so.

Chocolates in Malaysia are rather costly hence I could not afford to consume as much as I would like. When I went to Australia to further my studies, I found my haven. Chocolates there were dirt cheap (in comparison to Malaysia) and they came in vast varieties that were unknown to Malaysians.

After my return from Australia, I had significantly reduced my intake of chocolates due to health consciousness. The main reason that I can manage my intake is because having been to Australia, the variety of chocolates here are unable to lure me. It is sad, but true.

Hence I had since lost interest in chocolates and hardly ever thought about it. That is, right up till I stumbled upon Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate sometime last week. Since then, I have been craving for some really good chocolate.

The graphics at Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate were sufficient for me to salivate until the Pacific Ocean would wave a white flag. Here is a visual feast for all the greedy chocolate lovers like me:

I enjoy any type of chocolate, whether dark, milk or white. Mrs. Cavanaugh has a variety of traditional chocolates, famous assortments, nuts and chews, tantalizing truffles, chocolate crèmes, pecan caveliers, cherry cordials, crunchy brittles, roasted nuts, fantastic fudges, sugarless chocolates and sandwich mints.

My favourite piece in any boxed chocolate would definitely be the crèmes (preferably fruits) as I am not a nut lover. As for my favourite chocolate combination, it would unquestionably be the chocolate and raspberry. That said, my favourite chocolate from Mrs. Cavanaugh would definitely be the raspberry truffles.

If I had my way, I would purchase every single product from Mrs. Cavanaugh’s and have a wonderful feast at home. I swear that I could so finish everything in a single day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and supper. After I am done, I will proceed to the nearest gym and enrol for an intensive programme. That’s just the way life is…
Friday, October 20, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 8:31 am

A few days ago, I received an email titled “50 Steps to a Happy Marriage”. Reading it made me think for a moment, whether or not Ivan and I have what it takes for a happy marriage.

The following are the “steps”, after which are my personal comments. If you have the time, you may count and see if there are really 50 items or someone was just pulling a fast one on me (along with everyone who received this email).

Knock yourselves out. Nah, just try not to get bored.

  • Start each day with a kiss ~ YES [Ivan never fails to greet me with a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead when he picks me for work during the weekdays and when we go out during the weekends. Hence my neighbours enjoy a good show every morning, just the thing they need to wake up.]

  • Wear your wedding ring at all times ~ N/A [We are not officially married yet hence no ring. Currently shopping around for one though!]

  • Date once a week ~ YES [Sundays are labelled Ivan & Amie’s day out. We go window shopping, catch a movie, munch on some chicken meatball and popcorn, and have dinner together. For the past few months, we have been house hunting all through Saturdays and Sundays. Now that that is done with, we are reverting to the normal routine of Ivan & Amy's day out.]

  • Accept differences ~ SUBJECTIVE [No one is perfect. Point being, we cannot accept each others’ differences all the time. Healthy arguments are good for the relationship. The most important thing would be learning how to compromise with one another. Good justification, huh?]

  • Be polite ~ YES [Please, thank you, you are welcome… They are all gestures of politeness so I guess this is what "be polite" means. We say them all the time.]

  • Be gentle ~ SUBJECTIVE [What if we like it rough? Some people do.]

  • Give gifts ~ YES [Ivan is my gift and I hope I am his too.]

  • Smile often ~ YES [I have a natural ability to smile endlessly and Ivan smiles almost all the time with me. That probably means that I am his gift too. *hehehe*]

  • Touch ~ YES [But where exactly?]

  • Talk about dreams ~ YES [If we can remember our dreams, we will share them with each other. Otherwise, it will remain unknown until Doomsday.]

  • Select a song that can be "our song" ~ YES [Our “our song” list is endless. I guess we should select one special song. If asked to select one spontaneously, I would probably go with Damage - Forever.]

  • Give back rubs ~ YES [Occasionally. He rubs my back gently while I stomp on his back with my feet, using my whole body weight - told you some people like it rough.]

  • Laugh together ~ YES [All the time, more so when we make fun of people (especially the Malays - apologies if you are a Malay reading this) or share a joke, etc. Ivan is never a humourous guy but his adorable dry humour (lame jokes and remarks) never cease to amuse me. *giggles*]

  • Send a card for no reason ~ NO [Too old fashioned I suppose. Damn, I cannot seem to find a good way to justify myself for not doing this. I guess I better start sending cards to Ivan.]

  • Do what the other person wants before he or she asks ~ SUBJECTIVE [We cannot read each others’ minds all the time. But when we can and are able to do something for each other, we definitely will.]

  • Listen ~ SUBJECTIVE [Men do not listen, do they? I thought it is a known fact. Then again, this is probably directed to the male species reading this, in hope of a reformation. *tsk* And they have the nerve to claim that women do not listen.]

  • Encourage ~ YES [We are always very supportive of each other.]

  • Do it his or her way ~ SUBJECTIVE [Do WHAT?!]

  • Know his or her needs ~ YES [I suppose we are aware of each others’ likes and dislikes but whether we can obey it or not is another matter altogether.]

  • Compliment twice a day ~ N/A [He looks like a lizard, smells like a cockroach and walks like a crab. What is there to compliment? *hehehe* On the other hand, he does compliment me though. But that is because there are so many things for him to compliment!]

  • Fix the other person's breakfast ~ ONE WAY STREET [Ivan is a pig in a lizard's body. He never wakes up earlier than me so there is no way he can fix me breakfast. I do it for him though, whenever we spend the night together.]

  • Call during the day ~ YES [We do during the weekdays, whenever we have the time. As for the weekends, we call each other so often that our phone bills are higher than the sun, moon or stars.]

  • Slow down ~ SUBJECTIVE [Slow what down? Hmmm… Some people might like it fast.]

  • Cuddle ~ YES [All the time. Ivan is very much a "cuddle" person, if you know what I mean. As for me, I am a "cuddled" person. Hence we complement each other.]

  • Ask for each others’ opinion ~ YES [All the time.]

  • Show respect ~ YES [We do not salute when we see each other... Does that defy this "step"?]

  • Welcome the other person home ~ N/A [We do not live together yet but when we do, I am such we will welcome each other home. After all, an additional presence means you have another person around to do the dishes, scrub the floor, etc.]

  • Look your best ~ SUBJECTIVE [I always do because I am just the way I am. As for Ivan, no matter how hard he tries... A lizard will always be a lizard.]

  • Wink at each other ~ NO [Why is this necessary? Alright, I will start winking at Ivan...]

  • Celebrate birthdays in a big way ~ YES [I would rather use the word "special" than "big".]

  • Apologise ~ SUBJECTIVE [When we are trapped with nowhere else to run, we will apologise. Humour aside, I suppose if something is really our fault (or sometimes not) then saying sorry is not an issue.]

  • Forgive ~ YES [One of the most important elements of a relationship.]

  • Set up a romantic getaway ~ YES [Something we both love doing together. Financial constraints aside, of course. We are planning for a honeymoon to Italy (my dream destination) sometime in the next 1 to 2 years.]

  • Ask, "What can I do to make you happier?" ~ NO [No justifications hence no comments.]

  • Be positive ~ YES [All the time.]

  • Be kind ~ YES [If we are not cruel, then we are kind… Right? Then again, you got to be cruel to be kind. So which is which now? I AM CONFUSED!]

  • Be vulnerable ~ YES [Very much so.]

  • Respond quickly to the other person's request ~ SUBJECTIVE [Certain requests require a longer period to implement.]

  • Talk about your love ~ YES [Especially after serious arguments, we start getting all apologetic and mushy. *brrr*]

  • Treat each others' friends and relatives with courtesy ~ SUBJECTIVE [I condemn most of my relatives while Ivan just listens. That does not count as a misconduct on his part, right? As for him, he never has anything to say about his relatives besides them being nosy... I suppose that is what it takes to be a relative - NOSY.]

  • Send flowers every Valentine's Day and anniversary ~ YES [Ivan does give me flowers on our anniversaries but not on Valentine’s. I tell him not to because I do not see the point in paying double to triple the price for a bonquet of flowers (though I adore them) on that highly overrated day.]

  • Admit when wrong ~ YES [As mentioned above.]

  • Be sensitive to each other's sexual desires ~ PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL [No comment and mind your own business.]

  • Pray for each other daily ~ NO [Actually, I do not even pray for myself and I doubt that Ivan does either. Maybe I should start being more religious, rather than only turning to God for help when I need it.]

  • Watch sunsets together ~ SUBJECTIVE [When the sun sets every evening, we are still stuck in the office working our asses off to pay for the mortgage. We do watch sunsets together when we go on holidays, though.]

  • Say "I love you" frequently ~ YES [Each time before hanging up the phone and every now and then when we are out together.]

  • End the day with a hug ~ NO [We normally kiss, not hug. Alright, we will hug instead of kiss from now on then...]

  • Seek outside help when needed ~ KIV [IF and WHEN NEEDED.]

Based on the findings, I hereby conclude that we do have what it takes for a happy marriage (with room for improvement, of course). Yipeee!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 4:16 pm

I grew up in a superstitious environment (which has directly and indirectly made me superstitious too). This was probably because my mother is a dedicated full time housewife who has nothing much better to do with her time. Thus she meddles with various traditions and beliefs, one of them being numerology.

After all that I have read on the subject (thanks to my mother’s comprehensive library), I believe that there is no one way to describe numerology – everyone has their own understanding of the term, including my mother and me. The underlying principal of numerology, though, is that it refers to the mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and the character or action of physical objects and living things.

There is this numerology site that I stumbled upon yesterday. It gives you a comprehensive reading just by entering your full name and birthday (ladies, you would have to key in your REAL year of birth or the reading will not be accurate). I entered the required information and found the results pretty fascinating, they were rather precise! Of course, when I say precise I mean about the past and present, not the future – as I cannot tell the future.

Amongst others, the results include your Life Path Number (derived from your date of birth, it means the road you are travelling and reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life), your Four Challenge Numbers (the First which usually lasts from birth until approximately the age of 30 to 35, the Second which usually lasts from the age of 30 to 35 to around 55 or 60, the Third or Main Challenge is felt through your entire life and the Fourth usually starts at approximately the age of 55 or 60) and your Heart’s Desire Number (your innermost yearning and the dreams closest to your heart).

Apart from what I have mentioned, there are many other interesting readings in the results. You guys should try it out and give me some feedback. Tell me if it is as accurate for you as it is for me. If it is, you are definitely obliged to buy me a drink (at least!) for introducing a miracle to you. Look at it this way, if the prediction of the past is true then the prediction of the future is likely to be true too. This is definitely better than any crystal ball at some fun fair!

I should forward this site to my now Internet savvy mother too. Knowing her, she will have a ball of a time analysing the results. So much so that I will go home to an empty dinner table just because she got too hooked to the computer...
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 2:59 pm

A girlfriend asked me, “Do you know what sex is the most desirable?”

It took me a while to reply as I did not really understand her question. If someone else had asked me, I would have suspected that the person had more than just one grammatical error in that question. However, since it came from this particular girlfriend, I knew her English was way better than that.

Hence I replied, “You mean male or female? Or what?”. “NO! I mean the act. You know, the act of sex. Anyway, the answer is forbidden sex.” She then added, “The thing that we want the most is the thing that we cannot get. Therefore, the person that we want to sleep with the most is the person that we cannot sleep with. Ever.”

Maybe God had a reason to create us humans that way - to desire the things that are beyond reach more than the obtainable. Perhaps my girlfriend's statement is true but maybe not for everyone. I for one am a "sufferer" of this venom - I do not mean in the sexual aspect but in every other aspect of life (I have to say this in case Ivan decides to read this particular entry in my blog).

When I cannot get the one thing then that is the one thing that I really want – on the basis that I even wanted it in the first place, of course. I cannot want something that I did not want, that does not make sense. Complicated? They are there for your eyes to read and your brains to digest for as many times as you wish to understand that I am trying to say.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions on my girlfriend's statement. Any takers?
Sunday, October 15, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 11:02 am

There is all this talk going on about where everyone will spend the DeepaRaya break this coming 21st to 25th October 2006. DeepaRaya is actually a combination of 2 festivals in Malaysia, i.e. Deepavali (for the Indians) and Hari Raya Puasa (for the Malays). These festivals happen to fall at a similar time this year and a couple of years before this – I cannot recall exactly how many, hence the long holiday for us Malaysians.

Last weekend, Nal and I (while chatting online) stumbled upon this
Costa Rica Forum which brought up our interest in the country. We then searched the Internet for more information on Costa Rica and decided that we definitely have to go there someday, although not during this DeepaRaya break due to budget constraints.

The country has an estimated population of 4.0 million people and the majority is descended from Spanish settlers. In contrast to its neighbouring populations, a little mixing of the Spanish settlers and the indigenous populations had occurred. Therefore, a vast majority of Costa Ricans are either of Spanish or to a lesser extent of mixed Mestizo heritage, as well as Italian, German, Jewish, and Polish descents.

Many of us have heard of Costa Rica but only a few are aware of its geographical location. Truth be told – I never knew where it is on the world map before last weekend. Neither did Nal. Anyway, Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus. Hence it is basically a narrow strip of land that is bordered on two sides by water and connects two larger land masses.

As the country is mostly coastline, it means great deal of surfing, beaches galore and thus a climate built for laziness. Extremely suitable for people like Nal and I! Although I do not surf nor burn my precious skin under the sun, I love water sports (not the life endangering ones please) and building sand castles (reliving my childhood memories).

Aside from that, Costa Rica is also home to a rich variety of plants and animals. While the country has only about 0.1% of the world's land mass, it contains 5.0% of the world's biodiversity – imagine stumbling upon a different plant or animal everywhere I go. Actually, I would love to see the different floras (to satisfy my photography thirst) but not the faunas. As it is, there are alreadt enough bugs and reptiles and what not around...

Costa Rica is a tropical country and thus experiences only two seasons, i.e. wet and dry. The dry season is generally between late December and April while the wet season lasts for the rest of the year. In addition, temperatures vary little between seasons as the main influence on temperature is altitude.

Sounds good, doesn't it, Costa Rica? I guess I will be stuck at home again for the upcoming holiday but when I do get an opportunity to visit Costa Rica, you may expect a detailed write up and photographs of the country. Meanwhile, I shall surf the Internet everytime the urge to fly to Costa Rica arises. It is definitely more economical to do so than to physically take a flight there.

An eye opener: The crater of Volcán Irazú (please do not ask me to pronounce that), an active volcano near Cartago, Costa Rica.

Thursday, October 12, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 2:26 pm

I am extremely sleepy right now. So much so that I feel like my whole body is floating in thin air – I am not joking. You will never know what I truly mean until you experience it for yourself.

My pupils are unable to focus (causing my eyes to shut repeatedly), my body is weak (leading me to feel paralysed) and my brain refuses to function (resulting in zero brain activity)… I am totally vulnerable at this moment in time.

No, it is NOT caused by the heavy lunch that I had. Well, maybe partially but the main cause is the lack of sleep. As my parents were out of town, Ivan stayed over at my place for the night (it is always better to have a man around the house, in case of anything).

The problem with me is that I am an extremely light sleeper. I stir at the slightest sound. Even the light vibration of the windows caused by the air conditioner would wake me up, and unless I do something about it, I will be up all night.

Rectifying the problem of the vibrating windows only requires me to stand up, bang it a couple of times and I can resume my peaceful slumber. At least, until it starts vibrating again a few hours later.

So now, how do we rectify the problem of a snoring man?

Ivan refuses to admit that he snores at night. So one night, I decided to take charge and do something about that denial. I lifted my cell phone and put it on voice recorder mode.

Coincidentally, he was very tired that night hence he snored louder than usual. It was consistent, loud and steady – almost like a snore that was digitally generated. Perfect! Anyhow, when I had enough proof, I stopped recording and went back to sleep.

The following day, I played it for him to hear – loud and clear.
Monday, October 09, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 12:08 pm

When I was in Australia, I lived in one of the many on campus houses made out of wood - probably the lowest graded type. My housemates were 2 of my girlfriends and 3 other Australian guys whom were complete strangers. We referred to the 3 guys as Rooms 1, 2 and 6 (when talking among ourselves), which were their respective room numbers. If there was one thing that I recall, it was how difficult it was to live in the same house as those 3 guys.

Now, let me introduce them to you.

Room 1’s name is Marchy. His real name is really Michael, but he told us to call him Marchy because well, everyone does. He is the messiest guy ever. His room looks like a garbage yard / dump yard / recycling yard and he never does his dishes for up to a month. We girls never like him too much. He makes a lot of noise when he wakes up (*ting* *tang* *tong*) and turns up the volume of the television way too high whenever he’s watching football. When he leaves the house, he slams the door behind him - he does not bother to hold the knob and shut the door the right way.

Room 2’s name is Yoshi. Again, his real name isn’t really Yoshi, it’s Ki Yong (I cannot recall the spelling but it is pronounced as such). He is an Australian born Chinese – we call these people ABCs. We did not have much complaints about him as he is a quiet guy anyway. Occasionally he would turn the television volume up but we can forgive that. He does his dishes as soon as he is done using them (being Asian oriented) and shuts the door the way it is supposed to be shut. I guess an Asian will always be an Asian, even if you are brought up in a non-Asian environment.

Room 6’s name is Kyle. Yes that is his real name. He is a sweetheart compared to the rest of them. We like him the best and spoke to him the most frequently. He would often help us out (when we could not reach for things or lift certain things, etc.) and we would even watch television together. One thing though, his room really stinks and it is just opposite of mine. I think it is likely because he dries his clothes in the room, despite having a dryer provided in the laundry area. Hence his room has this really bad stench of damp clothing that does not get sunlight.

I guess I exagerrated when I said it was difficult to live with all 3 of them when only one of them was the real problem. Perhaps I associated them as a single entity as they were all Australian boys. Oh well.
Thursday, October 05, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 8:30 am

After we finally get the keys and settle down in our new home (which will probably be approximately a year from today), my first objective would be to persuade Ivan to get a dog. I have been voicing my interest but all I got in return were some very negative comments that directly or indirectly meant N-O.

I have been researching on them four legged furry things for quite some time now. There are a few breeds that I thought were rather adorable but I ruled them out eventually, after some consideration: intelligence, shedding, appearance, etc.

Somehow, I figured that it is wiser to invest on an intelligent breed so that house breaking would be easier and my patience does not have to be tested. This is because I proactively foresee that we have limited time to train the little guy.

Dogs are segregated by intelligence levels. Hence I accorded to the so called "intelligence table" and searched for information on the 20 or so most intelligent breeds. The breeds' shedding nature and physical appearance would be my concerns after its intelligence, and so I narrowed down my selection to these 3 breeds:



Yorkshire Terrier

Aren't they just the most adorable little things ever?

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Monday, October 02, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 4:34 pm

After Ivan and I were done grabbing some necessities off the counters at a pharmacy, we walked towards the counter. There were 4 counters altogether in the pharmacy, 2 on the right and 2 of the left. The 2 counters on each of the pharmacy were side by side respectively.

The queue for the right counters were never ending hence I glanced to towards the left counters. There was one Chinese lady (hereinafter referred to as CL1) followed by one Malay man (hereinafter referred to as MM1) queuing up, waiting for another Chinese lady (hereinafter referred to as CL2) in front of them to finish. I rushed towards the counter and queued behind the Malay man.

As I queued behind MM1, I turned to Ivan who was standing behind me to ask for my handbag (he was holding it for me) so I could get my purse out. He refused and insisted on paying, while holding my handbag hostage. I agreed, took the 50 bucks he handed to me and turned back towards the queue.

That was when I noticed a Chinese lady (hereinafter referred to as CL3) standing right beside me, behind MM1. She is short and fat with hair so curly she could win the curliest hair award and face so sour she could make the most cheerful baby wail. Let’s just say that she is a typical “ah lian” housewife.

After CL2 had finish paying, CL1 proceeded to pay and MM1 moved forward. I made sure I was close enough to MM1 so CL3 could not cut into my line. Queue cutters are one of the worst people that exist on the face of planet Earth. When CL3 realised that she was very much in a disadvantaged position (I was closer to MM1 as well as the counter), she said to me, “Behind me please!”

I turned to Ivan and asked loudly, “Did she come here first?” Before Ivan had the chance to respond, CL3 said, “Yes I did. You came out of nowhere and cut in.” The nerve of that lady! I was furious but I let her go before me (behind MM1) because I am a courteous and forgiving person – unlike her.

As there were 2 counters there, the one closer to me opened (it was closed earlier I think) so I passed my purchases to the cashier. CL3 insisted on paying first so I just let her. She was muttering and mumbling under her breath but I could not hear what she said exactly.

What a bitch.
(Mumbles and mutters) Slap you, slap you, slap you… (Mumbles and mutters)
Mother fucking bitch.
If you want to slap me, just do it. You do not have to keep repeating yourself. If you have the nerve to cut queue, you have the nerve to slap me. So just slap me and stop mumbling.
(Mumbles and mutters)

When she had finish paying, she dashed off so quickly that she had forgotten to take the purchase. Poor sneaky old bitch, I must have terrified her to the bone. When she came back for her purchase, I exclaimed, “Fancy that. Ms Queue Cutter forgot the stuff she so painstakingly queued up to purchase!”

Poor sneaky old bitch snatched her purchase from the cashier and stormed off furiously. She must have been terribly embarrassed. Poor, poor her.