Wednesday, November 08, 2006
posted by Amie Lee at 9:11 am

The anticipation for the moment Ivan and I finally get the keys to our new home is killing me. It is almost impossible to contain all that excitement and eagerness inside my minute frame. I practically have to meditate to contain all that vigour inside me. Once a whiff is released, there will be no end to it because every bit of vigour will be released until I am deflated (think balloon, people).

After much consideration, we have unanimously made a decision to call our new dwelling the Lizard (referring to Ivan) & Bee (yours truly) Home.

Although it is approximately 3 months before we get the keys, I am already researching the various home improvement ideas, trends and products. Just the thought of renovating the Lizard & Bee Home is enough to make me jump high enough to reach the moon and bring a piece of rock home as a souvenir.

If budget is not a constraint, my dream home improvement project would be greatly desirable. I would hack all the existing flooring in the home, lay homogenous tiles for the ground floor and timber strips for the upper floor. Then, I would have wall features in the living as well as dining areas.

There would be an indoor waterfall in the living room for Feng Shui purposes, along with designer furniture from renowned manufacturers. A 42 inch Samsung plasma television would complement that setting perfectly. I prefer the contemporary concept hence I would like to keep everything simple but comfortable enough for a good retreat.

The kitchen is probably my favourite section of the home. I would renovate it extensively with marble flooring, mosaic tiles on parts of the walls, high tech stainless steel equipments, granite countertops, aluminium kitchen cabinets and a modern breakfast counter in the middle of the kitchen.

As for the master bedroom, I would keep it simple with some built-in furniture, i.e. bed frame, bedside tables, walk-in wardrobe and dressing table. I would like a wooden theme for the bedroom hence beige or light brown would be the desired colours.

See, I am not a greedy person. Having all that is enough to make me the happiest girl alive. I suppose the kitchen renovations would cost the most (which is equivalent to accumulated savings of 2 lifetimes minus the inflation) but we have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home, haven’t we?

At November 08, 2006 6:31 pm, Anonymous Nick

You can probably do some of those, not all. :)


At November 09, 2006 8:56 am, Anonymous Mark

Perhaps the indoor waterfall thing is not so do-able. Wait till you move into a bungalow.... :) You can have 8 waterfalls then.
But the other stuff seem good.. Guess ladies all fancy big and spacious kitchens. Hehehehe..!


At November 12, 2006 2:56 pm, Anonymous Tracey

So many exciting things to consider!!


At November 14, 2006 9:52 pm, Blogger eastcoastlife

Oh so exciting! Going to post before & after photos or not?

btw, your blog takes 19 seconds to load on Blogmad. People got no patience one will click, grab your credit & lari!