Monday, February 26, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 10:02 am

If you enjoyed my previous post about the dessert, you will enjoy this one even more.

To refresh your memory, Ivan and I had bought a tub of ice cream on Valentine’s Day to savour after our delivered pizza. It was no ordinary ice cream, it was a Haagen Dazs Tiramisu flavoured one. The best part of all is Ivan bought it voluntarily, without me having to exert any amount of force.

From the moment I took my first bite of the pizza until the moment I was finishing the last slice of pizza, all I thought about was the ice cream. I thought about how I was going to enjoy it and all the toppings (mainly chocolate chips) that I was having it with, I was delirious.

Having swallowed my last bite of the pizza, I dashed to the kitchen for my dessert. I opened the freezer, searching high and low for the glorious tub of calories. Not that the freezer was so big that I had to search every corner to find something so obvious, but I did so because I could not find it.

Feeling frustrated and upset, I stopped for a moment to think. Ivan was the one who brought the ice cream into the house from the car… If I was Ivan, what would I typically do? Immediately, I opened the fridge and there it (the glorious tub) is right in front of my eyes.

I quickly removed the cover and ripped off the plastic to confirm if my greatest fear came true. Indeed it did. Inside the tub was the most watery Tiramisu concoction I have ever seen in my entire 25 years of life. All thanks to Ivan who did not know better than to keep ice creams in a freezer.

At February 26, 2007 8:58 pm, Anonymous Nick

The stuff you guys do together..... *sigh* No wonder your bond is so strong. :)


At February 26, 2007 10:15 pm, Anonymous Nal

Hahahah. U guys r so cute n funny!!


At February 28, 2007 6:38 am, Blogger People in the Sun

Maybe just like you were waiting for your Valentine's treat and couldn't concentrate on the pizza, your boyfriend was concentrating too much on his Valentine's treat?