Friday, February 23, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 2:41 pm

Since Ivan and I finally have the keys to our new home, there were various things for us to consider doing to the house. One of them that came up in our discussion was the
kitchen lighting, as the kitchen is the heart of the home.

We were contemplating between warm lights, simple chandelier or ordinary pendulous lights. Each type of lights has its own pros and cons hence we decided to browse the Internet for ideas.

That was when I we stumbled upon
Shop Premier, we website that retails all types of lights. We were rather fascinated by the variety and the fact that purchases above $100 include free shipping.

Do check it out if you are light shopping!

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At February 23, 2007 6:23 pm, Anonymous Nal

Such a happy time in your life baby! You must be so excited. I am happy for you..... :)