Saturday, February 24, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 10:07 am

It is story time once again. Now, grab a comfortable chair and read on.

Once upon a time, there was this guy (let’s refer to him as World Class Loser) who is very lonely. He is a total nerd and has a weird character too. No ordinary girl could even go as close to liking him simply because he is too strange, right from the thoughts in his mind to the way he behaves.

Thing is, he is desperate for a girlfriend, for companionship. As I have mentioned, he is weird, hence due to that he has a limited number of friends too. The friends that he actually hangs out with are one or two that are not even true friends, to begin with...

What’s worse is that he has requirements for a girlfriend like some well deserving guy. Anyway, he finally found a girl (let’s refer to her as World Class Girlfriend) that is normal. She is everything he is not. In short, she is like any ordinary girl and he is a total freak.

Long story short, the relationship did not last long (as expected). He claimed that she is too playful, fooling around with guys, etc. She is a dutiful teenager socialising with her friends. Did World Class Loser expect her to be like him, staying home cooped up in his own room every single day?

She was really upset having been accused of that because she is indeed a proper girl and did not in any way cheat on him. After a while, she understood why he said those things. One cannot expect a nerd that has been locked in his room for 22 years and has never seen the world to understand an ordinary girl like her.

So World Class Girlfriend decided to let it go and move on with her life. A few years down the line, she heard from World Class Loser again. Apparently, he just got out of a long-term relationship. The girl made use of him, raked every penny she could and then left him cold heartedly.

To convince him of her sincerity so he would give her all that he had, she slept with him. From what I understand, she was like a whore. A desperate nerd like him would have loved the attention, of course. So they made the best couple you could ever imagine.

After the break up, he tried to get World Class Girlfriend back again. Reason(s)? Firstly, he realised that she is the best girlfriend in the world and all the accusations that he thrown at her was nothing but a proof of his foolishness. Secondly, he knew that he could never find another girl that would accept him.

She could never take him back because she was already seeing someone else and he was way too freaky for her liking. So one day, World Class Loser told her he will wait for her forever and that she is the most special girl ever and all that nonsense. A week later, he got together with a girl he met at a Cupid event.

Ironic, isn’t it? That happened sometime in May 2006. He told World Class Girlfriend that he did not love her because she is not his type. However, he is trying very hard to because she seems to be crazy about him. A guy who is lack of attention like him tend to have thoughts like these.

In August 2006, World Class Girlfriend informed him that she is going to get married and he had the WEIRDEST reaction ever. No well wishes, nothing. Instead, he said her marriage will not last because she is a player and never meant for marriage.

Jealous of my happiness. Angry he did not get the girl. Envious of me marrying before him. Fuming because he is left with the girl he did not love. Left out for not being able to do the same. Resentful because he is not the one I had chosen.

They all described how he felt.

Now, December 2006, he proposed to the girlfriend he does not love and they are getting registered soon. Can you believe that? After 5 months into a relationship and they are planning on the biggest commitment ever. I guess they are probably both equally desperate because the girl agreed so easily.

He probably proposed in the first place because I am getting married and he was green-eyed. I hate to be the driver of his relationship but looks like his life is governed by mine. That is really sad but no one can blame him, he is born desperate and weird.

I feel for him. So very sad a person and a situation. I really pity his girlfriend, she is just a toy to him. A couple can hardly get to understand each other in 5 months as everything is still prefect and rosy. Give it 12 months and things will change. Then again, what can we expect out of a desperate guy right?

Even if it doesn’t work out, he will have to make sure it does. Otherwise he will end up alone in life… Better to have someone he does not really want (second best) than to be alone. I suppose that is his weakness and greatest fear.

I have a confession to make. World Class Loser = My ex-boyfriend. Which means, World Class Girlfriend = Me. Yes, I know it is pretty big headed of me to give myself such a name but it seemed perfect for the story and the occasion.

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At February 26, 2007 9:06 pm, Anonymous Nick

OMG. I have only ONE guess as to who that may be.... J** H**. He is the only one lame, weird, funny, dumb, pathetic, desperate enough.


At February 26, 2007 10:12 pm, Anonymous Nal

Indeed there is an obvious reason why he is ur EX. :p Thank God 4 that and now ur married to the greatest guy in the world.....yes I seriously think he is even greater than Kent..! No one can love a lady the way Ivan loves u. :)