Friday, March 23, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 11:34 am

I have moved to another website. If you would like to know the new website address, please email me at amie.lee82[at]

Thank you and have a nice day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 8:12 pm

Just a random though: Anyone ever joined or thought of joining
dating website?

For those of you who are wondering, the answer is no. I have not participated nor am I planning on indulging in
online dating or anything along that line. If I was single and available, I might consider it. Who knows, it might turn out to be fun and I just might meet my Mr Right. After all, I met Ivan through one the strangest ways ever. So, you never know what might hit you!

Seriously though, such services can only have high success rates in Western countries and not in countries like Malaysia. If we had such
dating services here, the crime rates for rape will definitely skyrocket (as if it is not bad enough at the present moment). There are too many bad guys and too little intelligent girls in this part of the world.

That said, this is one of those times that I am glad to be part of the minority crowd!
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 9:19 pm

I will give a special prize (yes I will find a way to deliver it to you no matter which continent or planet you originate from) to anyone of you who can tell me what a hoodia is… Any takers? If you do not know and are curious then by all means, read on.

A hoodia is actually a genus of thirteen species in the flowering plant family known as Apocynaceae, which is under the subfamily of Asclepiadoideae. They are actually stem succulents, described as "cactiform" due to its remarkable similarity to the unrelated cactus family.

Some surprising facts about hoodias is that they can reach up to one metre in height (almost as tall as me!) and have large flowers, often with flesh colour and strong smell. Most Hoodia species are protected plants while several species are grown in homes as garden plants.

One species known as Hoodia Gordonii, is being investigated for use as an appetite suppressant. Yes you heard me right. Appetite suppresant. It is something that I need in a large quantity and can never get enough of for as long as I live. At least, as long as there are tempting and salivacious food around.

If you are interested in giving the
Hoodia Weight Loss Product a try, do check out the website.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 2:37 pm

One Saturday morning, I went to the office to finish up some work. My department secretary, who was seated nearby, was also there along with her 5 year old daughter called Amanda. Since I love kids, I played with little Amanda for a while before beginning my work.

After a while of being left alone, she got restless and asked her mother if she could go to the pantry for a snack. Her mother agreed so off she went. Coincidentally, another Indian lady (also a secretary but for another department) was also there that day with her daughter.

When I walked to the pantry to make a drink, I saw the two munchkins socialising. I did not understand a word they were communicating despite the fact that one was a Chinese and one was a Indian hence they could not possibly any other language in common besides English.

Anyway, I assumed that children say nothing out of something most of the time. I went back to my place to resume with my work as soon as I was done making my drink. 15 minutes later, Amanda returned to her mother, who asked what she had been doing for the past 30 minutes.

Amanda told her mother that she had made a new friend. After which, she added really loudly (in the still and quiet office on a Saturday morning), “My friend is black, mummy!!!” Her mother tried to hush her but the little girl kept repeating herself as if trying to prove a point.

You racist people will love Amanda.
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 12:39 pm

Do you love motorcycles or perhaps sports bikes?

If you love riding them, racing them, customising them, collecting them or just talking about them, then
Cycleheadab.Com is the place for you. By becoming a member of this website and creating your personal profile, you will have the privilege to upload videos, pictures and audio files to share them with the rest of the world.

Of course there are other similar websites out there where you can do similar stuff but Cycleheadad.Com have worked really hard to make their website more fun and user friendly. Their features are cutting edge hence you will not be able find them on them in other similar websites.

Cycleheadad.Com is the version of Myspace just for motorcycle and sport bikes, but of course, without all the spam that one gets on Myspace. One of the best things is that one does not have to look far to find somebody with similar interests.

Cycleheadad.Com are also dedicated to bringing the latest news regarding sport bikes and various updates on road racing schedule results and analysis. Their hope is that through the website, people will learn how to enjoy motorcycles safely while meeting others and ensuring that motorcycle love spreads across the world.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 11:00 am

I think it is pretty unfair that we do not get paid overtime in financial institutions. At least, not the one I work for currently. I only arrived home at 8.45pm yesterday because I was out entertaining one of my clients at a coffee house. Although I was busy sipping some delicious ice blended fruit drink, it was still considered work.

My client brought along the company director from Singapore (who happened to be in Kuala Lumpur for the day) to introduce to me. The moment I was introduced to him by my client, I almost burst out in laughter. I had to contain all that air and saliva inside my mouth by shutting it so tightly that I could not even say, “Hi!” Instead, I just smiled.

Fino Fijateh.

Yes, that is the company director’s name. What a name! I never did call him by his name throughout our whole conversation because I was not sure whether he liked to be call Fino or Fijateh or Fino Fijateh or Mr Fino or Mr Fijateh or Mr Fino Fijateh.

I wonder why people give their children such names. When I got home, I told Ivan about it and he looked so stunned. Somehow, this got me to think what we should name our children. I definitely want them to have English names so I will select them. As for the Chinese names, I will leave it up to my parents or my in-laws.

We are planning to have two of them little creatures. If we get a boy, I would like to name him Ethan. If we get a girl, I would probably name her Amelia (if you do not already know, it is actually a combination of my name). If we get two boys or two girls, I would have to further consult the name dictionary.
Monday, March 05, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 3:14 pm

If you are looking for a good pair of sunglasses, you ought to check out Wiley X, a motorcycle glasses, sunglasses and prescription glasses retailer. You might just find the perfect pair of sunglasses that you have been searching for all these time.

Wiley X motorcycle glasses and Wiley X sunglasses and are excellent for those who love the outdoors or travel fast speeds. Various Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses have a unique padded eye cup to protect the eyes from wind, dust as well as water.

Lenses from Wiley X are specially designed for various types of lighting conditions. Best of all, most Wiley X sunglasses are available with prescription lenses. The Wiley X "Light Adjusting" lenses are photo chromic sunglasses, which mean that it darkens in the presence of sunlight.

My personal favourite (ironically… read on to find out why) is the Wiley X Blink. It is a new Wiley X model that came out in year 2006. Wiley X Blink features double injected rubber temple tips combined with an incredibly comfortable Facial Cavity Seal. The sunglass also features multi-coated mirrored lenses; a two tone aluminium gloss frame and the Wiley X Climate Control System. Blink is great for any high speed activity.

For the record, the Lifetime Warranty option also applies to prescription Wiley X sunglasses.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
posted by Amie Lee at 10:16 am

As the weekend approaches, my heart rate increases.

This weekend, Ivan and I are going to our new home and meeting up with some contractors for some renovation quotes. The excitement of getting the key to our new home, engaging an interior designer or contractor for renovation works and furniture shopping is definitely too overwhelming for my minute physique to contain. I am bursting with vigour almost every second.

We had already done most of our household accessories (artificial plants, paintings, ornaments, etc.) shopping last month in Chatuchak and Suan Lum Market in Bangkok. Although we spent quite a bomb there, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I could say that it was worth every cent.

Seriously, I think getting a new home with the one you love and doing everything related to it is indeed one of the most beautiful experiences in life. There is nothing (for the time being) like saving up and putting every cent into a dwelling we can call our own. Although it is not easy to do so financial wise, I can safely say that that is probably one of the bigger factors that made this whole experience so worthwhile.

*thump* *thump* *thump*